when you’ve just woken up and your parents have people over


people who see this and dont know what this is from must be so confused


justinbieber: @kinggoldchains check this shot out


miley’s nudes are on vogue magazine while all these celebrities ‘s nudes are in the bathroom

Anonymous said:
Where did you see them? On twitter or TMZ site?

everything on twitter is about these nudes now, but no I haven’t seen them on the tmz news site but ofc they aren’t because tmz would be sued if they were the source.. I think they’re covering it up from another account or something

Anonymous said:
Who's leaking the nudes where??? I'm confused where is the source of this shit??

apparently tmz..

Anonymous said:
what nudes? whose nudes?? where???

the ones I’ve seen are mostly of Jennifer Lawrence (she has plenty omg), Victoria justice, Blake lively(??idk how to spell her last name), vanessa hudgens and that Ashely green girl


i think i speak for everyone when i say i’m praying with everything in me that justin’s nudes aren’t leaked


Anonymous said:
who's leaking nudes?

apparently tmz

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